Angry Bull Jumps Into The Stands At Florida Rodeo


You know what they say… mess with the bull, and you’ll get the horns.

But what do you do when you don’t mess with the bull, and still get the horns?

That’s simply a nightmare I hope I never encounter, like these unfortunate rodeo-goers at Rodeo Fest in Tampa, Florida.

Fans were simply trying to have a good time this past Saturday and enjoying the festivities before shit hit the fan.

During the bull riding event, a bull broke open the gate, went rogue and jumped into the stands, nearly stomping a number of people in the front row.

It then proceeded to take off in the opposite direction, and make a run around the arena.

The videographer left the full rundown in the description:

“Bull broke loose at Rodeo Fest in Tampa Florida. People were riding the bulls trying to see how long they could stay on.

One bull was so angry he broke open the gate and ran out. He ran around the whole stadium before getting roped and pulled back into the arena.”

It appears that everybody was able to walk away from the frightening  incident without injury, but I can only imagine the split second terror running through the minds of those people in the front row.

It all happened so fast, the fans didn’t have enough time to react, and move out of the way to safety.

Nevertheless, it’s just further proof that you have to be aware at all times while attending events like this, because although incidents like this are rare, we’ve seen it happen a few times over the past year already.

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