Bishop Gunn’s Almost Murder Ballad, “Alabama,” Is An Absolute Vibe

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I am back with another song about murder. Or in this case… almost murder.

Bishop Gunn is a Mississippi band with this really cool southern gothic sound, so it only makes sense that one of their most popular songs is murder adjacent.

The song itself tells the eerie story of a man who picks up a woman who was broken down at a truck stop to give her a ride to Alabama.

The woman claims to be a Christian who was saving souls in Savannah until God called her to Alabama.

But this woman has some unsettling quirks like a wild look in her eye, pistol in her boot, and the desire to change the radio when it talks about a murder in Savannah.

Soon the singer’s nerves get the best of him, and his only desire is to not die in Alabama and hopefully make it back home intact:

“Well the truth be told
She had a little dirt on her soul
Bourbon in her blood made her heart turn cold
Now all I wanna do is make it home to Louisiana
Lord I hope I don’t die in Alabama . . .”

Now, the song itself is definitely creepy because we’re unsure what happens to this guy, if he survives, and exactly what this woman has done.

I love the open-endness of the song because it leaves the ending up to the listener.

But if you want a more definitive ending or story, then I highly recommend watching the music video for “Alabama” along with the three short prologue videos.

The video stars comedian Theo Von as the unfortunate victim of this one night stand gone wrong.

This guy wakes up in a woman’s bed and immediately things feel off. Soon, he’s having breakfast with her family and going to church with them, but the whole vibe of this service is odd.

The guy has a weird vision thing and wakes up with snakes on him, which . . . are never a good sign in a church.

And the story just gets weirder, more culty, and way more demonic.

It’s wild… but awesome.

It also definitely gives a whole new meaning to the song, so definitely check it out if you’re into, you know… cults and stuff.


Part 1: Devil is a Woman

Prologue 2: Alone and Forsaken in Savannah

Prologue Part 3: Idumea

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