Camera Attached To Wolf’s Collar For Wolf’s-Eye-View Of Life In The Woods

Wolf cam

Ever wanted to see like a wolf?

Well, look no farther, the camera collar is here.

Many wild animals are captured and collared each year for scientific purposes. Typically, it is a tracker collar that can provide incredible insight on the particular animal’s movements, habits and life. The record everywhere they go, speeds and mortality. It’s a very harmless way to gain knowledge of how wildlife lives so we can continue to do better in our management of them and how we can coexist.

This particular wolf had a unique collar attached to him that had a camera installed on it to give even more insight by being able to actually see what is in front of the wolf.

This team out of Minnesota has put together some pretty crazy research on wolves, even being the first to document them fishing.

They decided to keep on going with the ‘firsts’ in wolf research with this camera.

The wolf is seen getting the collar put on. Then it flips to wolf view as the animal runs through the forests. There’s even one part where the wolf is seen eating a fish.

This is incredible footage and can help us understand these fierce predators even more. This is the type of research that will help us keep a balanced ecosystem for years to come.

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