Bass Fisherman Has A Crack At Live Frog Bait

frog bait

Well, this is an interesting take on live-action lures.

I mean, it happens all over the place, live bait just seems to work best. We can try to mimic what these fish are actually eating all we want, but nothing will ever work better than the real thing.

It may seem a little cruel and twisted, but there’s always two sides to the tale. Losing countless plastic lures to the water must have some affect on the environment too. These creatures are typically going to be consumed anyways by the fish, so let’s just put that to the side and see if this fella is onto something and watch to the end.

He goes out and catches a nice-looking frog. The type you would want to eat if you were a bass.

The fisherman uses a circle hook to use the frog as bait and begins to try and figure out how to fish this particular set up.

As he is fishing he finally comes across a bass. The bass starts to eat the frog but never gets the hook in its mouth and gets away. The frog is still alive and well so he tries again. He actually ends up hooking one, but loses it in the end… perhaps that circle hook would work better without such a hard set.

After multiple fish trying to eat him the frog is still alive and gets released back into the wild.

I still feel like this method could lead to catching some smashers.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock