Tyreek Hill Hilariously Says “No” When Asked If He’d Be Handcuffed To Jackson Mahomes To Win Another Super Bowl

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It’s no secret that Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of star Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, was insufferable last year.

I mean seriously, the guy couldn’t keep it together, and between he and Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, the two nearly made Patrick the most disliked quarterback in the league, and he didn’t even do anything wrong.

Jackson went from pouring water on the heads of some heckling Baltimore Ravens fans, did a damn Tik Tok dance on the memorial of Sean Taylor when the Chiefs played the Washington Commanders, and also went full on Karen mode about a Kansas City bar he attended on Twitter, but deleted the post because he realized he sounded like an asshole.

Needless to say, people were starting to get fed up, especially after the Sean Taylor Tik Tok dance incident.

And one of those guys who might’ve been the most fed up?

No other Patrick’s number one wide receiver last year, Tyreek Hill.

He recently made an appearance on the microbetting site, Betr, and was asked one of the most difficult (not really) questions known to man.

The host asked:

“Would you get handcuffed to Jackson Mahomes…”

Tyreek without hesitation said:

“No, no, no, no way… You said handcuffed to Jackson Mahomes?”

However, the host didn’t finish the question. She continued:

“For 24 hours, to win another Super Bowl?”

And Hill hilariously responded:

“I ain’t even gonna cap to y’all, that Super Bowl could G*d damn wait.”

Hill’s response even had Jake Paul about to fall on the ground laughing.

Of course, now that Tyreek is at Miami and Patrick is no longer his quarterback, he probably doesn’t give a damn what they think about him anymore.

10/10 comedy right here:

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