Tarpon Jumps Clear Over The Boat, Nearly Slaps Fisherman Across The Face

tarpon fishing

Head on a swivel.

Imagine being out on the calm water casting away just relaxing and then out of nowhere a tarpon jumps up over the boat.

That’s almost a slap in the face… literally, and almost like the tarpon is taunting you.

Tarpon are a popular sport fish, they put up a good fight and can get huge. They can be up to 8 feet and well over 200-pounds.

That doesn’t sound like a fish you want get hit in the face by. With a little momentum that could take a man right off his feet in a heartbeat… or worse.

Three fishermen are seen fishing away on a calm ocean day. It looks so peaceful in the video. Then, out of nowhere a tarpon comes clear out of the water, between the fisherman and right over the boat.

This fish could get a high jump record, what a leap. He didn’t touch a thing.

The men all seem very scared in the video, but how could a person not? This might not have been an 8-footer, but it was still a big enough to give a man a concussion.

Stay safe out there fellas.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock