Paige Spiranac Recreates The Legendary “Happy Place” Scene From ‘Happy Gilmore’ With New Golf Towel

Paige spiranac
Brad Olson Photography

I’ll go ahead and say it, former pro golfer and model Paige Spiranac is a marketing genius.

She took the world by storm last year with her Master’s golf towels, which featured her wearing the iconic green jacket from the golf tournament, and, well… not wearing very much underneath.

I’ll admit, that was a hard one to top, but she just might’ve done it with her latest line of golf towels…

Most of us have seen the iconic golf movie, Happy Gilmore, starring Adam Sandler. And if you haven’t, shame on you, and I just gave you something to do tonight.

Sorry for the spoiler, but there’s a part in the movie where Happy tries to go to his “Happy Place,” where he dreams of PR director and love interest Virginia Venit (played by Julie Bowen) looking quite seductive in some lingerie while holding a couple of pitchers of beer.

His fantasy also featured his grandma hitting the jackpot on a slot machine, and also his swing coach, Chubbs, who is in Heaven with both of his hands, playing piano and singing (If you know, you know).

So, ol’ Paige decided to take every male golfer to their “Happy Place,” and recreated the legendary scene of Happy’s girlfriend, wearing the exact same get up and holding two pitchers of beer.

“Welcome to your Happy Place. Get your towel NOW! Link in bio purchase.”

Yeah, she might’ve just won over the internet with this one right here. Ya gotta give the girl some props… The 2022 Maxim’s Sexiest Woman Alive knows how to market the brand.

And shoot, I haven’t seen Happy Gilmore in a hot minute, so I think I might’ve found something to do tonight myself.

And if you wanna relive the glorious scene:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock