Mississippi High School Football Coach Gets His A** Whooped Scouting A Rival School’s Game

Coach fight

In the southeast, football is a borderline religion.

Typically, it goes college football first, high school football second, and NFL third, and in a ton of tiny towns that are only still running because of high school football, it has the upper hand on college.

Seriously, every single week during high school football season, it’s like Friday Night Lights played out in real life.

And in most scenarios, it’s the old guys who’ve grown up worshipping the sport their whole lives that take it the most serious. It’s all the old guys talk about while sitting in Hardee’s on a Friday morning.

And also, you have bozos like this…

I’ll go ahead and say it, this is small town southeast high school football at its finest, and it’s out of the great state of Mississippi.

Apparently, according to Vicksburg NewsHeidelberg head football coach Jimbo Newell (what a name) was scouting his rival school, Vicksburg High School, in the stands during their home opener last night.

In a wild video, you can see Newell start to get into it with another fan, chewing each other out. He then walks down to the fan, and it gets ugly, QUICK.

Newell tries to grab the fan, appearing to try and body slam him, but Newell ended up getting the worst of it, as the fan laid a number of punches to his head.

And here’s the aftermath:

There’s no word on what started the altercation in the first place, but we do know that Newell was an assistant at Vicksburg back in 2020, so there may be some bad blood there.

Also, apparently Newell was once a strength coach at both LSU and Mississippi State.

Although it’s absolutely ridiculous seeing grown men act like this, especially one who coaches a bunch of high schoolers, but it’s still high quality entertainment, and shows just how serious high school football can get.

Here’s a better angle:

Football Dads Trade Punches After Pee Wee Football Game In Virginia

Football season is upon us.

That means gambling, a never-ending flow of Saturday and Sunday day beers, and the return of dads beating the crap out of each other at youth football games. It’s a tale as old as time.

There’s just something about grown men throwing hands over a bunch of nine-year-olds playing with a ball that’s wildly entertaining.

You might remember this video from 2018 where a bunch of corn-fed hosses in Virginia started throwing haymakers after a pee wee football game, setting a wonderful example for the youngsters.

Just textbook degenerate behavior doing this during the post-game handshake. Classic.

Side note: I’m using “hoss” because of Garth.

Football is BACK.

And while everybody loves to laugh at a good dad brawl, it gets no better than drunk dads scrapping on the golf course.

That being said, as a guy who doesn’t golf a ton, I always felt golf was a gentleman’s game: fancy country clubs, dress codes…

But I was wrong. BOY, was I wrong.

One quick search through YouTube and there are dozens and dozens of golf course brawl videos… and they’re magical.

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