Joe Rogan Busts Mark Zuckerberg’s Balls For Sipping Water Like A Robot During The Senate Hearing

Joe ROgan Mark Zuckerberg

I still can’t believe that we finally got the showdown we never knew we needed, between Joe Rogan and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

This is basically like “millionaire hippie meets billionaire robot,” and it’s incredibly fascinating to see these two completely opposite ended personalities collide.

We literally saw Zuckerberg casually say that the FBI asked Facebook to censor posts about Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 election, like it was a campfire story.

And now? We’re getting to see Rogan tease Zucks for his weird personality (or lack thereof).

On the podcast, Rogan razzes Zuckerberg for his “robot-like” testimony before congress last year, even commenting on how he sipped water:

“I don’t like the way you sip water, though, you sipping water at the Senate, you were sipping water like a robot.”

Of course, Zuckerberg responded like a robot malfunctioning, saying:

“The Senate testimony is not exactly an environment that is set up to accentuate the humanity of the subject.”

I mean good Lord, why do you have to word it like that? Just say “It’s hard to be myself while giving my testimony at the Senate.”

He continued:

“If you’re up there for six or seven hours, you’re going to make some face that is worth making a meme out of.”

Let’s be honest, Zuckerberg is a walking meme with whatever he does, and he probably doesn’t care because he’s worth 18 billion dollars.

Nevertheless, his inability to speak and act like a normal human being has been quite hilarious, drawing moments like these:

This one:

And if you want to relive the brutal “robot-like” moments of his Senate hearing:

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