Garth Brooks Adds 2 New Shows For Grand Opening Of Newly Expanded Thunder Ridge Nature Arena At Bass Pro Shops Big Cedar Lodge

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Last week, Garth Brooks announced that he would be teaming up with Bass Pro Shops to play a show at the grand opening of the newly expanded Thunder Ridge Nature Arena at Bass Pro Shop’s Big Cedar Lodge in the Ozarks of Missouri.

The original show was initially scheduled for October 1st at 7:00 PM.

However, it appears that one show isn’t quite enough, as Brooks is now adding two more shows for the grand opening of Thunder Ridge, due to high demand for the upcoming celebration.

Over 55,000 tickets were sold for the show on October 1st, with a much larger number wanting to attend.

The two other shows will be played on September 30th, and October 2nd.

And Garth is dedicating it all to longtime promotor Ben Farrell, and Bass Pro Shops CEO Johnny Morris:

“This was for Ben Farrell, he was with us this morning. I couldn’t be happier for Johnny Morris, his story is truly the American tale. I love him.”

Tickets are $98.95 a person, and are available now.

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