Bear Cub Stands Up & Gives High Five To Passing Driver

bear high five

Most of the time, we typically see videos of the brutality of bears, relentlessly taking over their prey in order to have dinner for the night, and for the cubs as well.

However, what we typically don’t see is the sweet, friendly side of bears.

No, I’m not condoning walking up to a bear out in the wild and trying to pet it, because you’re gonna either end up on a hospital bed or in the afterlife.

Not to mention, condition the bears to be comfortable around people, and expect food from them, can literally cost the young cub its life.

Nevertheless, every now and then we see some heartwarming videos of bears who are just “guys being dudes,” and hanging out, as long as they don’t feel threatened in any way.

And here’s our latest example.

Footage has gone viral of a couple of bear cubs playing in the road, with the mother looking on nearby.

Just about every vehicle passing them had to get a good look at the cute moment, and one person decided to get really bold…

They decided to roll down their window, and try to interact with one of the cubs. The driver then tried to give it a high five.

Sure enough, one of the cubs ran up to the car window, stood up on its back legs, and made its best effort to give the driver a high five.

I kind of got nervous for a second, because the mother is staring off in the distance throughout the video, but she just lets the cub be.

Once again, I highly do not recommend this, because you never know how the mother will react, but still a heartwarming moment, nonetheless.

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