Aaron Donald Seen Swinging Bengals Player’s Helmet In Joint Practice Brawl

Aaron Donald practice

These preseason scrimmages between two different teams have always been wild.

Everybody is pumped up as the season itches closer and closer, so emotions are running as high as ever, until the postseason rolls around.

Not to mention, these preseason scrimmages are practically like street football before teams hit the field inside their actual stadiums.

With that being said, fights are always bound to happen, and they can typically get pretty brutal, because scrimmages on a practice field are a lot more personal.

We’ve seen a number of fights break out in these scrimmages already this season, but this may be the wildest one yet, and it involved probably the best defensive player in the NFL right now.

Video footage has gone viral of a massive brawl between the Los Angeles Rams, and Cincinnati Bengals.

In the footage, you can see somebody life up a Bengals player’s helmet, and viciously hits another player inside the huge huddle of players.

And the person who swung the helmet?

No other than Aaron Donald, star defensive lineman for the Rams.

It’s uncertain if anybody will be penalized in any way from the fight, but I have a very strong feeling they will be.

Needless to say, I just hope we get to see these two teams square off in the Super Bowl this year once again. This is the rematch we need to see, considering both teams are projected to be as good, if not better than last season.

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