Corn-Fed Football Dads In Virginia Trade Haymakers After Pee Wee Football Game

west Virginia football fight

Football season is upon us.

That means gambling, a never-ending flow of Saturday and Sunday day beers, and the return of dads beating the crap out of each other at youth football games. It’s a tale as old as time.

There’s just something about grown men throwing hands over a bunch of nine-year-olds playing with a ball that’s wildly entertaining.

You might remember this video from 2018 where a bunch of corn-fed hosses in Virginia started throwing haymakers after a pee wee football game, setting a wonderful example for the youngsters.

Just textbook degenerate behavior doing this during the post-game handshake. Classic.

Side note: I’m using “hoss” because of Garth.

Football is BACK.

And while everybody loves to laugh at a good dad brawl, it gets no better than drunk dads scrapping on the golf course.

That being said, as a guy who doesn’t golf a ton, I always felt golf was a gentleman’s game: fancy country clubs, dress codes…

But I was wrong. BOY, was I wrong.

One quick search through YouTube and there are dozens and dozens of golf course brawl videos… and they’re magical.

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