Chicago Cubs Fan Getting Thrown Down The Bleachers Was Way More Exciting Than The Game Last Night

Cubs game bleachers

We’re at the point of the MLB season where fans are starting to get fed up with their team, knowing that every game is now meaningless because they have zero shot of making the postseason.

And one of those teams?

The Chicago Cubs.

The Cubbies have had a brutal 2022, going 53-70 thus far, and are currently sitting 18 games back behind the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central. And what’s even more laughable is that that’s good enough for third in division…

Not to mention, the Cubs practically traded away every good player they had last season, so things were already looking bleak before the season even began. And with one of the biggest markets in baseball, and a billionaire for an owner who doesn’t want to spend money (except to try and buy a soccer team)… the whole thing just sucks.

And speaking of the Cardinals and Cubs, they squared off last night at Wrigley Field…

And the Cubs got the ever livin’ shit kicked out of ’em, losing 13-3.

Needless to say, it was probably an incredibly frustrating game for fans, knowing that they just dropped a ton of money to go watch their favorite team get shmacked by the division leaders.

Mix the frustration with a little bit of alcohol, you get this…

Two Cubs fans brawling it out in the bleachers like there’s no tomorrow.

In the footage, you see one Cubs fan get pushed down the bleachers after getting up in another fan’s face… and dude smacked HARD.

Of course, my guy was probably running off 10 beers and adrenaline, so he probably didn’t feel a thing.

Sure enough, he comes charging back up the bleachers, ready for more.

While security is restraining the fan who pushed the other down the bleachers, he yells:

“He hit me! He f*cking hit me!”

And of course, you have “Mai Tai Guy” trying to be the peacemaker in this one, but it surely wasn’t enough.

With the direction the Cubs’ season is continuing to trend, look for a few more fights to break out before the season is officially over.

But hey, here’s a cool picture of a leaf…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock