Carly Pearce Once Got Out Of A Speeding Ticket In Kentucky Because The Cop Liked Her “Bluegrass” License Plate

Carly Pearce country music
Sydney Grommesh (Carly)

Well, that’s one way to get out of a speeding ticket…

Carly Pearce recently revealed to CMT that not long after she got her drivers license when she was 17, she went ran up the road to get her grandpa dinner.

And apparently, she was going a little too fast in her first car, a red Ford Ranger pickup, and got pulled over for speeding.

But seeing as she’s a Kentucky native and was at home in the Bluegrass state at the time, the cop took a liking to her custom license plate that read “BGRASS”:

“When I was 17 years old, I was going to get my grandpa dinner, and I was driving in a red Ford Ranger truck, that was my first car.

And my license plate, I’m from Kentucky, I love bluegrass music, so my license plate was ‘BGRASS.'”

In fact, he was so impressed by Carly’s musical taste and the fact that a young girl loved bluegrass so much, that he let her off with just a warning:

“And this cop could not believe that a young girl liked bluegrass music, so I got out of that ticket.”

I can’t say I’ve ever heard that one as an excuse to get out of a speeding ticket, but I love it…

Though I doubt as a North Carolinian having a plate like “NASCAR” would help me get out of a something like a speeding ticket, for obvious reasons, this story makes me feel like it might be worth a shot:

Carly released her fantastic 2021 album 29: Written in Stone last year, and currently has her single “What He Didn’t Do” climbing the charts at country radio:

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