Billy Dean Shares Hilarious Story About Randy Travis Learning He Made The Pop Charts: “Get It Out Of There”

Randy Travis Billy Dean
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Randy Travis will forever be an icon in country music, as he was an absolute hitmaking machine back in the ’80s and ’90s.

It’s hard to believe that a guy as talented as Travis was originally turned down 10 labels in Nashville, and was forced to resort to playing in bars, going by the stage name Randy Ray, and getting by by the skin of his teeth.

However, I’m sure all 10 of those labels regret their decision to turn down the now Hall of Fame country singer, and Warner Bros. Records was the lucky label to change his life forever, as he accumulated 16 number one hits throughout his career.

I just wish everyday that I would’ve been alive to watch him live in concert in his prime.

Nevertheless, we still have Travis’s music to hold onto, as well as some awesome stories from his hay day.

And speaking of stories, I found this hilarious story fellow country singer/songwriter Billy Dean, who shared the tale on Tracy Lawrence’s Honky Tonkin’ radio show.

Dean talks about meeting up with Travis at a Paul Overstreet show, and they’re all cutting up, having a good time.

After a while, everybody else had left, Overstreet shared a story about a time he and Travis had received some big news while at Warner Bros. in Nashville, Tennessee, when the sales department came in and announced:

“Hey Randy congratulations, your album’s in the pop charts!”

And Travis hilariously responded to them by saying:

“Well get it out of there!”

What a legend. I highly doubt most mainstream country artists today would have the nerve to tell the sales department at their label something that bold.

And to tell Randy Travis, the man who is the furthest from pop-country as it gets, that he made the pop charts?

That’s gotta be a slap to the face to the guy with standards that high.

Check it out:

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