Alligator Comes Flying Out Of Water To Steal Fisherman’s Fresh Catch

Florida Gator

Florida, man… even the gators are going to try and rob you.

There’s lots of crazy things that a person can witness while out fishing. Not all of them are optimal though.

Fish provide a great resource of food to many different species out there from grizzly bears and gators, to eagles and even wolves.

Typically, they are packed full of nutrients which means they are a great source of fat and energy for anything that choses to eat them. This makes them highly sought-after for the species that will try.

Gators however, will eat just about anything. The modern day dinosaurs are a predator of all predators. They are creepy in their ability to slowly and quietly sneak up on prey of any kind and in a split second move faster than a person would ever think to get the kill.

The can move up to 20-miles per hour in water and have bursts up to 35-miles per hour on land. Mix that in with their powerful bite that comes in over 2000 PSI and you have one deadly predator. In fact, they have the most powerful bite of any animal in North America.

Yup, I won’t be going to wrestle one anytime soon.

This Florida fisherman found himself tangling with an ultra-aggressive gator when he was out fishing for bass. As he reels in a beauty fish, a gator pops up and lunges quickly towards him snagging the bass right off of his line.

I mean, you saw him creeping up in background, but then, the gator just came FLYING to the shore.

That’s one of those shit your pants moments in the wild… bass fishing is not for the faint of heart in Florida.

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A beer bottle on a dock