In Case You Missed It: Pecos & The Rooftops’ “This Damn Song” Has Gone Platinum

Pecos and the rooftops country music

Talk about a big achievement for the Texas boys.

Pecos & The Rooftops have been on an absolute tear over the past few years, all of which started from a song that took the world by storm.

“This Damn Song” was released on April 20th (Blaze it), 2019 and almost immediately started blowing up. It in turn lead to the group of friends forming a band, releasing more music and hitting the road, where they’ve been pretty much living ever since.

But on June 2nd, their hard work was recognized as the song officially hit 1 million equivalent units sold and was certified platinum by RIAA.

In typical Pecos fashion, he casually dropped this into the caption of an Instagram Post the other day, but you can check out the official listing on RIAA website.

Big congrats to the guys, it’s always a big deal when a song hits the Platinum mark, especially when it’s a group like Pecos who don’t receive an ounce of mainstream radio play or promotion. Just good dudes grinding it out the right way.

Turn it up.

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