Hunter Tries To Load Quad On Top Of Moose In Truck Bed, Smashes Out Rear Window

Moose truck

This is the reality of hunting.

It’s rough, dirty and can be hard on just about everything you own. Getting out there is an adventure and almost rarely goes as you planned.

Shooting a moose is a big job, but it is very worth it. Moose can weigh up to 1,500-pounds and have some of the most sought-after wild game meat out there. Shooting one moose can provide you, family and friends meat for a long while, tasty meat at that.

As hard as it is to actually hunt a moose and get one down, the real work comes when it is actually on the ground. Getting an animal that can weigh that much is a massive job even if it is on the smaller side of the average moose.

Then you have to get it loaded in a truck and take all of your gear as well, and who knows how deep into the woods you are… it’s a quite the endeavor. Many hunters will use a horse or a quad to load out the meat.

If you don’t have it planned out perfectly, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

These fellas figured that out the hard way after downing a beautiful bull moose in Canada.

The pair of men got the moose loaded into their truck bed but came across a problem: where will they put their quad?

Well, they came up with a plan to place a sheet of plywood on top of the animal and drive up onto the moose.

The first problem I have with this is the fact they will could really bruise a lot of meat in this process from loading it on top and then driving around with the unstable bike on top of it. That just doesn’t seem like the best option.

The second problem is, a moose body is not a stable surface even with a sheet of plywood sitting on it. The quad would not be stable at any point of the process.

They even foresaw the issue as they started up the bike, the man filming told the other not to go through the window. The man gets ready and goes right up over top the moose with only one problem, he went right through the back window as the plywood teeters over the other side of the moose.

The best part is how relaxed they are about it as they laugh about what just happened. Nothing is going to ruin these lad’s moose hunt.

“Oh my goodness, that was a very expensive moose”

Not your finest moment fellas…

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