Swimming Cougar Gets Whacked With A Paddle Trying To Come Towards Fisherman’s Boat

Mountain Lion outdoors

Sometimes what goes on out there just doesn’t make sense.

But, that’s part of why we all go out there.. to see something crazy happen, something unexplainable.

Cougars are a vicious animal. An elusive predator that roams our lands. They’re known for their incredible stalking abilities, often with their prey, including the occasional human, not knowing they’re after them until the job is nearly done.

That’s why seeing a cougar swimming in the middle of a waterbody it doesn’t add up.

Seeing an animal that absolutely dominates on land in the water is not your typical sighting.

I mean, who expects to see a cougar while they’re fishing in a boat? No one.

Apparently, they are actually really god swimmers though, according to Earth Touch News. They have been known to swim between islands in search of more food, usually in the form of whatever deer is around.

So, even though they have been known swimming between coastal islands, it still makes it weird to see them swimming in fresh water.

This fisherman in California came across a cougar swimming while they were out for a day on the water. As they got close to the cat, it came right towards their boat, as if he wanted to try and hop in. The cat began hissing at him as he started to beat the thing with his paddle.

Honestly, I probably would have beat the thing harder than that. It’s the one time you would have an advantage on a cougar and I would sure as hell not be letting it gain any ground on me.

The paddle scared off the cougar enough to send it swimming back to shore.

That’s a fishing story no one would believe without the video.

A few years back, some mountain lions were spotted swimming around Northern California’s Lake Shasta.

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