Cody Jinks & Clint Black’s Homage To Merle Haggard Is Country Music Perfection

Cody Jinks Clint Black country music
Tyler Stubblefield

I’ve been eating up the videos of Cody Jinks and Clint Black from their tour stint together.

It is a pairing on stage that I would not have thought of working together, but their stage chemistry is electric. Classic country meeting rockin’ red dirt sound is a match made in heaven.

They took the stage in Alpharetta, Georgia, and covered a classic from legend Merle Haggard. “Big City” is a song that country fans know no matter their age, the perfect song to cover for the whole audience to enjoy.

As soon as that first guitar twang starts up, you know exactly what is coming. The duo jams out, just pure fun during the opening riffs before Jinks takes the microphone for the first verse.

Jinks’ smooth deep voice hits a higher octave to mimic Haggard’s voice. Black backs him through the harmonies, and it is music to my ears as they sing…

“Big city, turn me loose, set me free.”

Black takes the second chorus and kills it, and throws out a zinger of a joke in the middle of the lyrics. He delivers his classic deep and long twangs in his vocals.

And damn, they complement each other so well with their sounds.

This duo is downright fun, and I am so glad they will be taking the stage together again at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on October 1st and 2nd.

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