Utah Hunter Survives Terrifying Encounter With Mountain Lion: “Felt Something Grab My Leg”

Mountain lion utah

Yep, this is a nightmare lived in out in real life.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that mountain lions are incredibly vicious creatures, and if they’re indigenous to the area you live in, you have to be aware of them at all times while in a heavily wooded area.

Although their diet relies on deer, mice, squirrels, rabbits, skunks, porcupines, and hell, any creature that’s smaller than them really, don’t get it twisted…

They’re not afraid to prey on humans if they feel threatened in any way.

That’s what makes this video that much more nerve racking.

Laurien Elsholz was hunting near Rush Valley in Tooele County, Utah, when she found herself right in the company of a mountain lion.

She posted the scary encounter on Facebook, and you can see the mountain lion following her, until it finally ran off.

Elsholz recalled the terrifying encounter on the post:

“My biggest fear came true today. I am so lucky I got away from this kitty. We were hunting and I smelt something dead then I heard crashing and felt something grab my leg.

I was shocked to see it was a mountain lion I hit her with my hiking stick and she backed up I was trapped behind thick trees I didn’t wanna turn my back to her I finally found a way out of the trees and she followed us for a little bit then ran off.

I am so lucky To have walked away alive.”


She also told FOX 13:

“It’s one of my worst fears out in the woods. I just never thought I would ever have an encounter that close.”

Once she hit it with a stick in a final effort to get it to leave, the mountain lion finally backed off:

“I was terrified. I went into shock and the adrenaline was very high. I’m just happy that I made it out safe and that nothing worse happened.”

Needless to say, this is a situation nobody would ever want to encounter.

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