Carly Pearce Brings Little Fan On Stage To Sing “What He Didn’t Do,” And She Stole The Show

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It looks like Carly Pearce may have found herself a new backup singer.

At a show over the weekend, a young fan named Paisley gave Carly’s band a CD she recorded with some of her own original songs on it, as well as a few covers of some of Carly’s songs.

And the fact that she was brave enough to do that is impressive enough in and of itself, never mind her great performance.

The gesture instantly took Carly back to her first time going to a recording studio with her mom when she was about the same age as Paisley, so Carly decided to bring her out on stage to sing after Paisley told her “What He Didn’t Do” was her favorite Carly Pearce song.

When Carly brought her out, Paisley was not shy in the least, even with the large crowd of people watching her, and she didn’t hold back one bit.

She had an incredible amount of stage presence and totally stole the show, and Carly shared a sweet video of their performance on her Instagram page.

Carly also noted in the caption that she got teary-eyed watching Paisley sing, as she thought about herself at that age and all the dreams she had for a career in country music back then:

“Y’all meet Paisley. She handed my band a CD she recorded of some original songs and also my songs.

It instantly took me back to when my mom first took me to a recording studio when I was about her age.

She told me ‘What He Didn’t Do’ was her favorite song, so I had to invite her up… as I cried thinking of me at that age.”

It’s such a precious video, and of course, will be an incredible memory that Paisley never forgets for the rest of her life… you love to see it:

Stuff like this just melts my heart, and is a large part of what makes country music so special. Props to Carly for making little Paisley’s dreams come true and giving her such a special moment she can cherish forever.

From Carly’s 2021 third studio album, 29: Written In Stone, “What He Didn’t Do” is the third single from the record.

In the song, she mentions that while we won’t learn all the nitty-gritty details of what exactly happened in her divorce from Michael Ray, it all boils down to the fact that, in the end, “it wasn’t what he did, no, it was what he didn’t do.”

I think that about says it all…

We’ll see if Carly can go for back-to-back #1’s, after her duet with Ashley McBryde  “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” reached the top spot of the country charts in May.

“What He Didn’t Do”

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