NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin Gave A Drunk Fan A Ride Home Last Night At Watkins Glen

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That’s one hell of a designated driver.

Apparently one NASCAR fan partied a little too hard on Saturday at Watkins Glen, ahead of today’s Go Bowling at the Glen.

When Kyle Jordan found himself needing a ride, he somehow managed to get one from…Denny Hamlin.

There’s not a lot of backstory here, but apparently Jordan was at the track with family and got separated, and ended up getting picked up by one of the biggest names in NASCAR for a ride home.

But one small problem: He left his cooler full of beer in Hamlin’s truck.

The 23XI Racing co-owner posted on his Instagram story trying to track down Jordan to return the cooler in time for today’s race.


And it turns out the cooler actually belongs to his brother-in-law, according to Jordan’s sister.

Luckily Jordan got the message from Hamlin about his cooler, so hopefully he manages to get it in time to polish off the beers during today’s race.

Gotta love NASCAR. No other sport where you have one of the athletes picking up drunk fans the night before the event.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock