This Old ’90s Ad About A Sci-Fi, Bullet Proof “Grizzly Suit” Has Me In Tears

Bear Suit

Ya gotta love some good ol’ cheesy ’90s contraption commercials.

For example, throwback to the tinfoil suit that inventors swore would give you the darkest tan imaginable, except they left out the fact that you could suffer from third degree burns, heat exhaustion, and melanoma, possibly all at the same time.

Needless to say, people were trying to create anything and everything possible that would capture you basic cable viewer’s eye…

And this might be the most intriguing, yet absolutely bonkers ’90s invention I’ve seen yet.

After digging through the vaults, I discovered an old commercial from the mid to late ’90s, of some guy named Troy Hurtubise selling a “grizzly suit.”

First off, I just want to comment on my guy’s haircut… He looks like Vanilla Ice’s nerdy brother who got stuffed in lockers all throughout high school.

In the ad, he talks about how dangerous bears can be to humans. Yeah, no shit, those things can rip you apart limb by limb just because they’re having a bad day.

So, because everybody wants to pet bears and get up close and personal with them of course, Hurtubise unveiled the “grizzly suit.”

It looks like a homemade space suit that you would’ve seen in some cheesy Star Trek knock off show, and he talks about how no bear, no matter how big and strong, can penetrate the almighty “grizzly suit.”

Hell, he even has a dude in a cowboy hat start beating the ever livin’ bejesus out of him with a baseball bat, and he doesn’t even budge.

This was before my time of course, but I’d like to bet that no hiker or park ranger was willing to drop a ton of money to walk through the woods in this thing.

Although this looks like pure insanity to us nowadays, apparently scholars thought it was pretty sweet back in the day, because Hurtubise won a Nobel Prize for safety engineering for this thing back in ’98.

Man, you gotta love the ’90s.

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