Grizzly Bear Charges Oil Worker In Alaska, Has To Climb On Top Of His Truck To Get Away

A man on a truck with a bear on the back

It’s not easy being an oil worker in Alaska.

It’s not easy being an oil worker anywhere, but throw some bears into the mix and you have a whole other set of problems.

In the footage, you can see a momma grizzly bear and her cub roaming the American Petroleum Institute in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

They appear to be minding their own business at first, until the protective momma bear charges right at a guy who is standing on the bed of his semi-truck.

As soon as the man, who has been identified as Carl Spinner, noticed the relentless grizzly charging straight towards him, he quickly reacts by jumping onto the top of the cab of the truck.

Once the grizzly realizes she can’t make it to the top of the cab, she takes off with her cub further down the stockyard.

Although it appears that Spinner was afraid from the footage shot from a safe distance away, it was simply another day on the job, because apparently it’s not unusual for bears to wander into the stockyard at the American Petroleum Institute.

Rodney Schlapman, the videographer who captured the footage, told For The Win:

“He was pretty nonchalant about it, like it was no big deal, but that’s just his personality.”

The sow was also collared, so she’s more than familiar with this crew.

Check it out:

More power to him, because I would’ve been losing my ever livin’ sh*t if I saw a momma grizzly charging at me.

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