Dallas Cowboys Legend Michael Irvin Attempted To Break Up A Fight At Texas Bar… Didn’t Work

Michael Irvin NFL

Not even the GOAT wide receiver of the ’90s has the power to breakup a fight nowadays.

Former Dallas Cowboys star and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin was seen trying to talk down some heated individuals at a bar in Texas on Monday, all while reppin’ a ship captain’s hat.

The fight broke out around 10 PM at Knockout Sports Bar near Dallas, according to TMZ, only a while after Irvin arrived to town after filming a segment of ESPN’s First Take in New York City.

Sources say that Irvin was simply having a good time, shootin’ a little pool and having a few drinks with a buddy, when a guy walked up in a teal shirt and asked for a picture with the famed wide receiver.

However, apparently the guy playing pool with Irvin wanted the two to have some privacy, and told the fan to get on out of there…

That’s when things got ugly.

The fan in the teal shirt was not having it with Irvin’s buddy, and Irvin began to try to deescalate the situation, but the guy in the teal was seeing red, and a full on brawl ensued shortly after.

Teal shirt guy began to throw some windmill punches on Irvin’s friend, and who appeared to eat quite a few shots to the jaw. And then seemed to brag about it… Sorry dude, you just got your shit rocked.

Even after the bouncers tried to break it up, teal shirt was still relentless.

Irvin was not involved in the fight at all, as he was apparently on the other side of the bar talking to a server while the brawl ensued, and eventually left the bar shortly after.

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