Wheeler Walker Jr. Perfectly Sums Up Nashville: “They’re Turning Blake Shelton’s Bar Into A F*cking Carson Daly TV Show… F*ckin’ Choke Me”

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Nashville, Nash Vegas, Smashville, whatever you want to call it… has slowly become an out of control beast of its own over the last decade.

If you haven’t been there recently, you probably wouldn’t even recognize it.

Walker Wheeler, Jr. sat down with Tom Segura and Christina P on the “Your Mom’s House” podcast to shoot the shit, talk about music, what has become of Music City, and more.

A recent clip from the episode has been going viral on Facebook when co-host Tom Segura asks Wheeler his thoughts on Nashville.

“Do you still dig Nashville?” Segura asks.

And Wheeler’s replay was right on the money:

“Can I give you the short answer? No.

It’s too f*ckin’ LA.”

As a native Nashvillian… he’s not wrong.

I used to go to pre-k right off Broadway when downtown was still a little sketchly, and you could make it up and down Broadway itself in 5 minutes. Nashville was still half decent in high school when we could get into the bars with fake IDs (Lonnie’s Western Room, I love you dearly still) or go to Predators games for less than $30.

Now, pedal taverns and bachelorette parties have claimed those streets for their own, and as my father says, you can’t go five feet without passing a van full of “Woooo girls.”

It sucks…

Wheeler goes on to describe the next “great” idea on Broadway.

“They are turning Blake Shelton’s bar into a f*ckin’ Carson Daly TV f*ckin show… F*ckin choke me.

Get the f*ck out of town, man. I don’t want Carson Daly where I live. I moved there because Carson Daly didn’t live there.

Have you ever heard a worse idea for a show? Carson Daly live from Blake Shelton’s bar in Nashville. Shut the f*ck up! Who’s behind this?”

Wheeler’s got a point.

Nashville has become a cash cow for country music artists to open these lame, cookie-cutter bars, stuff their pockets, and make it a souless tourist mega center.

I miss the days you could run into Dierks Bentley in a park or Amy Grant in a Wendy’s, and no one said shit to them. That was when Nashville was so great. People popped into shows at the Bluebird, explored the city outside the five-block radius of downtown, and when Music Row was something notable.

Nashville today is not the Nashville I grew up in…

Nashville, please turn back the clock, (signed a Nashvillian hoping to move back to a half-decent Nashville one day).

Watch the full podcast episode below for some other great laughs with Wheeler.

Cue up the Ol’ Wheeler:

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