Deer Hunter Misses Buck With 5 Shots At Point Blank Range

A bird on a grassy hill

If he got any closer he could have caught this thing with his bare hands.

I know it’s called hunting and not killing but good lord, you don’t get much for a better opportunity than this right here.

Everyone has it all planned out about staying calm and making the ethical shot until that buck you want actually steps out in front of you. A whole new sensation comes over you called “buck fever.”

The symptoms for buck fever include but not limited to: the shakes, overpowering excitement, heart-in-the-throat and bad shooting. You can generally overcome the fever through experience, having someone to tell ya to calm to f*ck down and the reality check that at the end of the day it’s just a deer.

It can be a powerful thing. Overpowering at that.

A person might have shot their gun 5,000 times hitting bullseye at twice the distance, but a big buck will have you shaking like a kid on Christmas morning.

This hunter unfortunately learned about buck fever the hard way. He was hunting the edge of a field when a nice buck started walking towards him.

He fires and the buck starts to run. As he fires again and again. And then again. He jacks in another shell as the deer cuts and gives him another broadside shot, only to miss again.

That’s plenty of opportunity at this ol’boy.

And he’s using a shotgun, so he can’t even blame the gun. It’s shooting straight regardless.

But, it happens… if you’re going to hunt, you’re going to miss.

Hopefully this fella got another shot at a deer that season, even though he had more shots then most get in two seasons.

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