Aaron Rodgers Rolling Back To The Locker Room On A Golf Cart Blasting “Colt 45” Is Exactly Why People Love And Hate Him

Aaron Rodgers packers

Aaron Rodgers.

Seems like everyone’s got an opinion on the guy these days and honestly you never know how a person is going to feel.

From his “immunized” comments during last football season, to a new tattoo and girlfriend who’s totally not a witch, to crediting his back-to-back MVP seasons on a “magical ayahuasca trip” in South America, it’s easy to see how the guy may have rubbed, well… lots of people the wrong way over the years.

But I’ll be honest, I love the guy. I was always pretty “eh” on him, but once he became a regular guest on The Pat McAfee Show and got a chance to hear his full thoughts on things, I realized he’s a well-spoken, thoughtful guy who is really trying his best.

I digress…

Just the other day he gave another reason why he’s one of the coolest dudes out there.

Packers reporter Kyle Malzhan posted a video of Aaron and longtime tackle and professional beer drinker David Bakhtiari rolled back from a joint practice with the Saints in a golf cart blasting the classic “Colt 45”.

I mean come on with it, does anything more need to be said? The man is living his best life and we should just be happy to be around to see it.

Look out, NFL, maybe this year is finally the year…

Go Pack Go!

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock