Man Turns The Tables & Scares The Hell Out Of A Charging Bear

Man Bear

This is definitely not a recommended bear aware strategy.

Sweden is home to a population of brown bears, a close relative to our grizzly here in North America. That’s about all you need to know about them because there aren’t too many big differences. They come in slightly smaller in size on average but are the same ol’ brown bear we all know and love… to stay far away from.

This man however, had very different plans. Although he seems to be back in the woods somewhere where a person should have some knowledge on bear safety, he does not show any signs of that knowledge.

The man is seen walking up a road filming something when a brown bear charges directly out of the woods at him. As it gets close the man lets out a big yell and puts his hands up high in the sky. The bear is visibly scared by it and decides to turn back and run into the woods.

Ok, first of all, if a bear charges you or is curious, this is fairly good bear aware tactics to get large and make as much noise as you can.

However, a person going looking for something like this almost deserves to be charged and smacked around a little bit. A couple paw smacks to the head and he’ll think twice about messing with a bear.

You know the saying “don’t mess with the bull or you’ll get the horns”? Well, it’s the same for bears and I hate to see harassment of wildlife just for someone’s entertainment.

This is worse than tourists at one of the parks because this fella thinks he did something smart.

Lucky for him, the charging bear panicked and high-tailed it out of there… could have easily decided to eat him instead.

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