Lone Wolf Attempts Longshot Attack On Bison Calf In Middle Of Massive Yellowstone Herd

Bison herd Yellowstone

That takes some balls…

Running into a whole herd of animals that are upwards of 10 times larger than you all by yourself, and then going after the thing that they will protect the most out of the whole group… on top of the fact that bison are an incredibly aggressive animal.

Big balls.

Wolves are an incredibly smart creatures, known for their keen hunting abilities. Whether with a pack or flying solo they are very good at what they do… eating other animals.

Bison are the largest animal in North America weighing up to 2,000-pounds. They can inflict some serious damage to anything that gets in their way or makes them mad.

The last thing I would want to do is run into a group of them and head straight for their calf.

But, nature is a crazy place where these creatures will do anything to survive. It’s a risk vs reward world where they need to takes big risks sometimes.

Here, this lone wolf is seen running into the middle of a large group of bison in Yellowstone National Park.

It catches the herd sleeping, spots out a calf laying in the grass by itself, and heads straight for it. As it gets almost on top of it, the calf stands up and takes off running narrowly escaping into the group of mature bison that surround it.

Had the wolf made a killshot on the first strike he might be able to come back for the carcass, however, the wolf realizes that it’s not ideal to stick around and try and fight off an entire herd.

This is a wild attempt and a shot in the dark. Usually, wolves hunt bison in packs but this ol’ boy must have been hungry.

Also, it’s pretty incredible to see the way the herd completely circles around the young calf once the attack begins. Good luck getting through that…

Yellowstone is one wild place, you never know what you might see.

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