The 10 Best George Strait Singles From Every Decade Of His Iconic Country Music Career

George Strait country music
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George Strait.

Over 60 number one singles, the undisputed King of country music, and one of the most iconic names in all of music, let alone this genre. Simply put… when you think of country music, you think George Strait.

In 1981, George put out his debut album Strait Country, kicking off one of the greatest careers country music has ever seen.

Growing up a ’90s kid, I always kind of thought as George as a superstar of the ’90s (which he was), but then I stopped by the ol’ record store the other day and picked myself up a copy of George Strait’s 1985 Greatest Hits record.

And HOT DAMN is it fire.

Which got me thinking… I think I like his ’80s hits more than his ’90s hits.

But also, his 2000s hits, and his 2010s hits…

So that being said, we’re just going to walk through King Georg’s legendary career, decade by decade, picking the the 10 best songs from every era.

Honorable mentions: The ’70s

George only had a handful of singles in the 70s, including “I Just Can’t Go On Dying Like This,” “That Don’t Change the Way I Feel About You,” and “I Don’t Want to Talk It Over Anymore.”

The ’80s:

Unwound – 1981

If You’re Thinking You Want a Stranger (There’s One Coming Home) – 1982

Fool Hearted Memory – 1982

Marina del Rey – 1982

Amarillo by Morning – 1983

You Look So Good in Love – 1983

The Chair – 1985

Nobody in His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her – 1986

Ocean Front Property – 1986

All My Ex’s Live in Texas – 1987

The ’90s:

Love Without End, Amen – 1990

I Cross My Heart – 1992

Heartland – 1993

Easy Come, Easy Go – 1993

Check Yes or No – 1995

I Can Still Make Cheyenne – 1996

Blue Clear Sky – 1996

Carried Away – 1996

Carrying Your Love With Me – 1997

Write This Down – 1999

The 2000s:

Run – 2001

She’ll Leave You with a Smile – 2002

Cowboys Like Us – 2003

I Hate Everything – 2004

Give It Away – 2006

It Just Comes Natural 2006

Wrapped – 2007

How ’bout Them Cowgirls – 2007

I Saw God Today – 2008

Troubadour – 2008

The 2010s:

(Only went with the Top 5 for this decade)

Here For A Good Time – 2011

Love’s Gonna Make It Alright – 2011

Give It All We Got Tonight – 2012

The Weight of the Badge – 2019

Every Little Honky Tonk Bar – 2019

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