Man Blows Up A Whole Group Of Feral Hogs With Tannerite: “This Is Not Hunting, This Is Eradication”

A group of animals in a field

Work smarter, not harder is what they say.

And that’s exactly what this man did. As much fun as it is to shoot multiple animals that are an insanely large pest, getting a bunch at once is just faster, cheaper, and more efficient.

Feral hogs cause a massive issue around the country. It’s estimated that they cause over 1.5-BILLION dollars in damages, mainly to farm land. But aside from destroying farmland, they’re constantly rooting up the soil, polluting water systems, damaging to wooded areas, preying on other animals… the destruction is endless.

A bulk that damage occurs in Texas.

The problem is, they breed so fast its hard to keep up with the problem. Many options have been explored but there’s really only one option that works: killing as many as you, preferably every single one in the area.

Like it or not, it needs to happen. These animals are not from here and cause serious damages to farmland and ecosystems when the rapidly take over. Many places even have bounties to get hunters after them.

Big problems sometimes need creative solutions, it’s easy to get pretty annoyed trying to fix the problem when it seems there’s no end in sight.

We’ve seen helicopter hunting, night vision, hunting, massive traps… and yet, millions of hogs remain.

This man had enough of the problem and decided to take a much more explosive approach.

He set up 7-pounds of Tannerite alongside a pile of bait and just waited. Hog after hog comes into view and the man stated that 15 hogs ended up around the Tannerite.

When he thinks the crowd is big enough and close enough, he fires.

The Tannerite explodes and hogs go flying. It immediately dropped 9 out of the 15.

Not a bad shot.

As the smoke clears more shots are heard as the man takes out the rest of the group that is running away.

These solutions need to be practical and that’s what this man did, however, he cautions that this is NOT hunting… this is pest control and eradication. Do not confuse this here for hunting and call it inhumane.

His explanation:

“This is NOT hunting. If you don’t understand the hog problem or don’t have one, then this doesn’t concern you.

Educate yourself on the issue and control methods. We’ve tried traps which killed deer in the process, hunted at night which is legal and use of people with dogs.

By far, baiting them in and Tannerite has been the cheapest most effective way of keeping their numbers low on this property.

The state has even hired helicopter shooters on public land to help control all to very little progress.  This is a tough problem and will take a combination of tough solutions.

This video was posted to show real experience. Not inflated special effects with pigs flying in the air. The after shots are getting the runners outside the camera’s view.”


Joe Rogan Guest Explains The Feral Hog Problem In Texas

The king of podcasting himself, Joe Rogan, recently discussed one of the most complex wildlife management issues in the country.

Feral hogs.

He used his platform to sit down with  Texas chef and butcher Jesse Griffiths and educate the masses on the seemingly uncontrollable plague of feral hogs that continues to explode throughout Rogan’s new home state of Texas.

There’s somewhere between 2 million and 4 million wild hogs in the state of Texas (6 million estimated in the entire country). And because they have no breeding season, they reproduce at an astronomical rate. They can begin to breed around 5-6 months old, the gestation period is less than 4 months, and they can have anywhere from 2-12 piglets per litter.

Just do some quick math and you realize that it’s possible for a pig to have a few dozen piglets each year, who can begin to breed themselves before the year is over. It’s nuts.

So if you’ve ever seen videos of folks in Texas gunning down wild pigs from a helicopter, this is why.

And if you remember back to Jason Isbell’s Twitter conversation on gun control, it earned a viral reaction when Willie here said he needed one kill the 30-50 wild pigs than run through his yard.

And while I’m not going to get into the AR-15 argument, this conversation does go to show you how much these things are a massive pain in the ass.

And there is A LOT of them.

Listen to Jesse break down the feral hog problem in Texas, the history of pigs coming to America, the difference between domestic and feral hogs (there isn’t one) and more.

And by the way, Jesse is the owner/chef of Dai Due Butcher Shop & Supper Club in Austin, Texas.

They take people on guided hunts to teach them how to hunt and prepare what they harvest, building future generations of hunters.

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