NFL Broadcaster Goes Viral With Insanely Sexual Comment About Staying In The Pocket During Bengals Preseason Game

A football player running on the field

Football is BACK.

My miserable Chicago Bears were back in action today, taking on the Kansas City Chiefs in their first preseason game of the year (they won). The Panthers took on the Commanders, The Bucs take on the Miami Dolphins later this evening… it’s just great to have football back, even if it’s only preseason.

And while it may just be preseason, announcers are already in mid-season form.

During last night’s Bengals Cardinals game, a Bengals announcer dropped what might be the absolute funniest line in the history of sports

“You have to like when there’s a guy coming right in your face and he just sits in there and delivers it really well.”

Umm, come again? (no pun intended).

I mean, you can’t even make that up.

I think I’ve watched this video 47 times this afternoon…

Hank Williams Jr.’s Old ‘Monday Night Football’ Intros Were ELECTRIC

Carrie Underwood does a damn good job with her Sunday Night Football opening.

But long before Carrie was singing on Sunday nights, the IT game was always Monday night with Hank Jr.

Two words to describe these old promos: ELECTRIC. FACTORY.

The 80’s and 90’s were simply majestic, full throttle, no f*cks given, entertainment with Hank Jr. bringing the roof down every week.

Look at all these hits that would be flagged today…

I’m ready to run through a brick wall.

They don’t do it like this anymore. You even get a Bob Saget cameo.

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A beer bottle on a dock