Panthers Wide Receiver DJ Moore Broke Up A Fight In The Stands In The Most Calm Way Possible

Carolina Panthers

These fan fights at sporting events have become all too common nowadays.

I’m not sure if people are still getting used to social interaction after staying indoors for so long due to the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, or maybe people just get their feelings hurt a lot easier, but either way, it makes for some high quality entertainment.

Of course, I’m sure stadium security is tired of having to break up multiple fights every game day, so sometimes there needs to be another cape-less hero…

So in comes DJ Moore, wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers.

I’ll admit, I’m a big DJ Moore guy. He wracked up a ton of fantasy football points for me last year until Sam Darnold forgot how to be a competent quarterback, and the man has the potential of being a top wide receiver in the NFL.

Although he may be a hero on the field, he might be even more of a hero for this move right here.

The man noticed a fight breaking out in the stands towards the front row of Bank of America Stadium, and he could’ve easily just been like:

“Nah, f*ck all that.”

But no, he decided to be the man of the people, and run up to the people fighting to calm them down.

In the footage, you can see DJ politely calm the people in the stands down, and hell, he might’ve even made them hug and make up after the cameras stopped rolling.

Needless to say, I am now a DJ Moore fan, and you should be too.

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