MMA Fighter Runs Across Stage & Drop Kicks The Hell Out Of Other Fighter During Face Off

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Absolute insanity.

We all love the face-offs before a big boxing or UFC match, as we all are dying for the two contenders to start slugging it out right then and there.

Of course, it never happens, and they leave the fighting for the ring.

However, every now and then shit hits the fan, and the bad blood between the two fighters simply can’t wait a few days before they can legally try to rip each other’s faces off.

Take this video for example.

Back in January, two Russian fighters were gearing up to square off in an MMA event, when they met in a face off.

The guy in the blue starts talking some shit to the other guy (I’m assuming, I don’t speak Russian), and guy in the blue lands a BIG left cross to his opponent.

The two then begin to brawl it out, until they’re broken up.

However, the guy in the blue continues to run his mouth after they’re separated, and the other guy charges across the stage and kicks the ever livin’ bejesus out of the guy in the blue.

This is something you never see in America, as worst case scenario the two simply whisper some shit talking in the other guys ear, and that’s about it.

Russia, man… It’s different over there.

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