Clint Black & Cody Jinks Dedicate Performance Of “A Better Man” To the Late Olivia Newton-John

Cody Jinks Clint Black country music

I think I would’ve done some bad sh*t to have been in the crowd for this Cody Jinks, Clint Black concert in Biloxi, Mississippi last night.

I mean c’mon, we’re talking about a ’80s-’90s country powerhouse in Black, and one of the best independent country artists in the game right now coming together. Could you imagine?

And after seeing this video, it makes me wish I was there that much more.

If you know anything about Clint Black, then you more than likely know his 1989 hit song “A Better Man,” off his iconic Killin’ Time album.

The album was Black’s debut project, and immediately thrust him into the mainstream country music spotlight, setting the stage for his long career in country music.

With that being said, Black brought Jinks on stage last night to sing “A Better Man,” and dedicated the performance to Olivia Newton-John, the Grease star actress and famed singer who left us way too soon at the age of 73, after a 30 year battle with breast cancer.

Needless to say, the famed country star brought the house down, proving that he is indeed still as good as he once was, and of course Jinks killed it as well.

Man, whatta concert that would’ve been, and I’m incredibly jealous of all who got to attend.

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