Watch A Rodeo Clown Get Launched To The Moon By Angry Bull

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Holy smokes…

I’ve always had respect for rodeo clowns, but after seeing this video, it’s at a whole new level.

At some rodeo event a few years back, a bull decided he’d had enough of these cowboys strapping onto his back and the subsequent clowns corralling him back to the pen and decided to get a little revenge.

After bucking the rider off, he circled back around to get him while he was down, which of course caused the rodeo clowns to get involved, with one throwing himself in between the rider and the bull. A second came in to distract the bull by jumping in front of him.

Unfortunately for that second savior, that’s where the bull’s frustrations were taken out, catching the clown while in the air and sending him well over 20 feet in the air and clear over the fence.

Seriously, this poor guy caught a TON of hangtime…

We don’t get to see how or where he landed as the video pans to follow the bull, but safe to say it wasn’t a soft landing.

Seriously hope the man was okay, but boy did the crowd get a show that day or what?

Just goes to show how much these guys are putting on the line for us to have a fun night out.

Queue Randy Rogers Band and Wade Bowen…

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