Ohio Man In His Sunday Best Rescues Terrified Baby Deer Stuck In A Fence

A person holding a deer

Growing up in Pennsylvania, I was raised to not like the state of Ohio.

Nothing to specific (other than that cheating university football team that tried to trademark the word “the”), just a general “Hey, we don’t like them.”

But I do have to say, after visiting the Buckeye state to go to the Buckeye Country Superfest, I have to eat some crow…

I met nothing but the absolute kindest, most friendly people the Midwest has to offer and had an absolute blast getting to see the great Zach Bryan and being brought to tears when Luke Combs brought a terminally ill teenager on stage to sing “Better Together”.

So maybe the state ain’t as bad as I once thought…

Another shining example of the niceness of Ohioans is this man in full dress clothes rescuing a fawn that was stuck in a fence.

Looks like the guy was fresh out of a business meeting or taking his family to a nice dinner at Olive Garden when he saw an animal in distress and jumped into action.

Very carefully, he holds the terrified fawn in his arms while working to get the animal’s leg out of the entanglement with no damage. After a minute or so of working the wires, he manages to get it free and walks the scared, but unharmed baby to the edge of the woods and lets it go free.

Hopefully the mom isn’t too far away and they’re able to get back together and carry on their happy lives.

Great job, you’re doing the Lord’s work.

But I can’t let this Ohio praise go too far…


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock