Paige Spiranac Hater Says She’ll Lose Her Looks In 20 Years, She Comes Back With A Photo Of Her Hot Mom

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It’s no secret that former pro golfer Paige Spiranac has made one helluva living on and off the course, being the premiere female golf model/influencer.

From her looks, to her media personality, her “Playing A Round” podcast, and selling some scandalous golf towels for the Masters last year, she’s quickly gained a MASSIVE following.

She was also recently named Maxim’s World’s Sexiest Woman for 2022.

Of course, when it comes to fame, you’re gonna have a number of haters coming at you no matter what you do. And when you’re a woman who is beautiful and famous, the easiest target is always going to be your looks.

With that being said, Spiranac has always been the one to get the last laugh at the end.

For example, when she was taking heat for her celebratory Masters week golf towels, she owned every last naysayer by saying:

“Here’s to continuing doing what I want.”

And now, our latest example of Spiranac hate comes from a hater who commented in a since deleted tweet:

“Let’s see how you’re doing in 20 yrs from now without your looks. At least Nick Faldo has experienced the game.”

She fired back with a photo of her and her 60+ year old hot mom, saying:

“This is my mom in her 60s. I think I’m going to be just fine.”

A completely uncalled for comment, and how are you gonna compare Spiranac to Nick Faldo, a former PGA Tour winner and newly retired golf announcer?

Not even in the ballpark my guy.

Per usual, ol’ Paige got the last laugh.

Also, this comment was HILARIOUS… keep Zach Wilson away.

And let’s be honest fellas, she whopping our asses up and down the golf course fellas.

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