Matthew McConaughey Shares His Short List Of Inspiring Movies So Get Ready To Binge

Matthew McConaughey with a ring on his finger

It’s no secret that Matthew McConaughey has become one of the most beloved and well respected actors in the world.

The charismatic Texan has a way of making a story about a bowl of Cheerios sound like it came from a Robert Frost poem.

Long story short, the guy could take the Dos Equis man’s job title as the “Most interesting man in the world,” so when he puts out these short clips about anything from life, to acting, to growing up, the people are gonna listen.

Mr. Alright Alright Alright recently posted a reel on his Instagram, talking about the movies and shows he grew up watching, that inspired him to pursue acting.

To many people’s surprise, he said that he wasn’t ever really allowed to watch TV or movies growing up before the age of 14 at his childhood home in Uvalde, Texas.

However, he then proceeded to list the films that inspired him once he was given a bit more freedom.

He recalled seeing the movie Hud, starring Paul Newman, and his favorite comedy was Raising Arizona by the Cohen Brothers.

He also was a fan of Spike Jones’ Adaptation, and also Angel Heart, and Sean Penn’s first directing job with Indian Runner, which he says was probably his greatest inspiration out all the films he listed.

I’ll admit, I have yet to see any of those films, so I’m gonna have to go on a movie binge here in the near future.

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