Fisherman Uses Toy To Create ‘Finding Nemo’ Lure… And It Works

A red and white fish in water

Well, they might not be able to find Nemo if a big one gets ahold of him.

It’s nice to see the fishing content creators getting super creative with their work. We’ve seen GoPro’s strapped to fish, a GoPro lure and now this Nemo lure.

I love to see it.

Something as fun as fishing doesn’t necessarily need anything to make it better. The hope of a big one hooking on is usually enough to keep folks running back to the water, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw something new in there every once in a while.

These guys set out for a little extra fun when they bottom a moving Finding Nemo toy. The wound the thing up and testing to see how it worked in water. The toy swam around and seemed to work great in the water.

The pair attached a treble hook to the bottom of the toy and headed back out to try their luck. The toy worked just as good with a hook attached.

They stuck a camera underwater to see how fish reacted to the new lure. Nemo swims around and draws in some interest. Every time he moves the fish goes in for him, just slightly missing the hook each attempt. Multiple fish try it but aren’t getting hooked on.

Finally, a fish grabs onto the toy lure in a scene that reminds you of the opening one in the movie. The fisherman reel in the bass and are super excited what they tried to do worked.

It’s a win-win.

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