Cody Jinks & Ward Davis Put Unique Male Twist On Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine”

Cody Jinks country music

You gotta respect the classics.

We all know Cody Jinks and Ward Davis as two independent country artists that are dedicated to putting out pure, authentic country music, and are some of the best songwriters in the business.

Not to mention, the two buddies are testaments of how you can make it big time without needing the help from a big time label in Nashville.

Although the two’s music is the furthest thing from the mainstream sound we hear on country music radio day in and day out, they grew up during a time period before streaming where country music radio was king, with songs we all still resonate with today.

And one of those songs I’m speaking of?

We’re talking about Deana Carter’s 1996 smash hit, “Strawberry Wine.”

Like most country songs from the ’90s, “Strawberry Wine” simply never gets old, and it’s one of those masterpieces that will take you straight back to the first time you heard it, whether you stream it or happen to randomly come across it again on the radio.

With that being said, Davis and Jinks were playing a show recently at the Red River Station in Saint Jo, Texas.

At some point during the show, the duo performs a picture perfect rendition of the 1996 classic.

I’ll admit, this is the first time I’ve ever heard two dudes singing “Strawberry Wine” back and forth to each other (Which Jinks hilariously addresses midway through the show), but with the two’s gritty vocals, it’s a unique twist on a song that will forever withstand the test of time.

Check it out:

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