Moron Nearly Falls To His Death After Jumping The Railing At Bryce Canyon National Park… To Make A Lame Video

A person in a yellow shirt and shorts climbing a wall

What an idiot…

Now I respect the whole “not scared of death” mindset, as you can’t live every day of your life fearing that it will be your last.

However, there’s a fine line behind a good peace of mind, and absolute stupidity…

And this guy crossed that line 100 miles over.

Let me introduce you to this bozo in a neon green shirt, who was visiting Bryce Canyon National Park, which spans from Garfield County to Kane County in southwestern Utah.

Now I’m not sure if this guy was trying to go viral, desperately trying to impress a woman, or all of the above. And he may have succeeded at the “viral” part, but for all the wrong reasons.

Completely ignoring the railing at the top of Bryce Canyon, my guy goes a little parkour and hops over the rail…

And completely stumbles, slides down a rock, and was inches away from falling 800 feet to his death.

I think my anxiety spiked 1,000% just from watching the video behind a laptop screen, and I’ll 100% be calling bullshit if this guy comes out and says that he “wasn’t scared at all.”

Bro, you were about to disintegrate, what in the damn hell were you thinking? You can even hear the lady filming shierk in panic as he goes sliding down the towards the edge of the cliff.

I guess at the end of the day, we have these morons to watch for some high quality entertainment.

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