Koe Wetzel On The Perfect Dive Bar: “Budweiser Heavy, Nothin’ But Marlboro Reds, & F*cking Listen To The Greatest Country Music Ever”

Koe Wetzel country music

There ain’t nothin’ in the world like a good dive bar…

Ya know, cheap, ice cold beer in hand, classic country music on the jukebox, decades-old hardoowd floors that make your boots sticky from all the liquor that’s been spilled and never wiped off, all housed by a dimly-lit room with neon signs galore, and for me personally, a disco ball spinning from the ceiling just to set the mood is never a bad option, either.

Sounds pretty much like Heaven, right?

Koe Wetzel recently share his thoughts on what his perfect dive bar would consist of, too, and I have to say, it sounds pretty damn perfect.

According to the Texas native, it has to be in a “chill” setting, with nothing but the best in terms of classic country music, where he drinks pitchers of beer with straight shots of whiskey sprinkled in throughout the night, smoking nothing but Marlboro Reds, with the likes of Earl Thomas Conley, Conway Twitty, Ronnie Milsap and Dwight Yoakam playing in the background:

“Just chill, like they’re not being fucking, ‘To the left! To the left!…’

No, nothing but fucking ETC, Earl Thomas Conley, a guy named Conway Twitty, Ronnie Milsap, and fucking Dwight Yoakam. That’s all I wanna listen to the entire night.

We’ll sit there in the corner, we’ll drink pitchers of beer, straight shots of whiskey, Budweiser heavy, smoke nothin’ but Marlboro Reds and fucking listen to the greatest country music ever.”

Sounds like a total dream, honestly… where can I find this place?

While most of the mainstream country mega stars have massive, pretty commercial bars lined on Broadway in downtown Nashville, I think Koe’s onto something if he ever wants to open a good old fashioned dive somewhere down in Texas…

It sounds like he could curate the perfect playlist, too. It only makes me want that full-blown country album even more.

He shared the video over on TikTok, with the caption:

“If you know of a dive bar like this, we need to know…”

And if any of you Whiskey Riffers know of a few good dives that fit the bill of his description, let us know:


If you know of a #divebar like this, we need to know… #help #fyp

♬ Creeps – Koe Wetzel

In addition to this gem of a video, Koe’s been posting studio teasers of a new song that’s coming soon from his forthcoming studio album, possibly called Hell Paso, and I’m gonna need it to drop real soon:


Homeboy was hype at the end🤣 #creeps #koewetzel #fyp

♬ Creeps – Koe Wetzel

Another clip of the song:

Koe previously released one single from the forthcoming album, “April Showers,” back in April:

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