Marcus King Releases Silky Smooth New Single, “Blues Worse Than I Ever Had”

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Danny Cinch

In my dream world, Marcus King would push up the release date for his album Young Blood, but until August 26th, I will gladly take the singles I can get.

On Friday, he dropped the 5th release, “Blues Worse Than I Ever Had,” single off the upcoming album, accompanied with a live performance video from Easy Eye Sound studios.

King teased the song on TikTok earlier this week with a clip of him playing a riff on a steel guitar.


A little sneak peak at what’s to come on Friday…. #newmusic #marcusking #youngblood #acoustic

♬ original sound – Marcus King

The studio version of the track takes a very laid-back blues sound. The song is still filled with slide guitar and exciting licks during the bridge.

I mean…it is Marcus King; it would be so out of character for him not to throw down some of his unreal skills at some point in a song. It is his signature sound, and it never fails him.

King reflects on the lyrics he composed for this song and states:

“At the time, I’d changed medications when I was trying to process the death of family members. I was coasting through life like a zombie.

When I’d get off them, I’d feel things that happened six months ago for the first time and crash down.”

The deep lyrics go hand and hand with the slick blues sound.

The singles released thus far show that King will continue to push boundaries and redefine country blues and rock sound with his smooth sound and gritty lyrics.

I am sure the rest of the album will break rules, define his style further, and will be perfect to debut on his upcoming tour stops… I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

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