Ashley McBryde Recalls The Time She Almost Burnt Dolly Parton’s House Down

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Daniel Meigs

Exhibit A of what not to do when you’re trying to make it big in Nashville…

Like nearly burning down the house of the greatest and most well-respected female country artist of all time.

Ashley McBryde recently sat down for an interview with Rob+Holly podcast for the Faster Horses Festival, when she recalled a wild story about how she’s been trying to get back on Dolly Parton’s good side for years now.

And the reason why?

She was watching Dolly’s niece while her lake house was being remodeled, and a microwave incident nearly sent the house burning down to the ground.

McBryde recalled the story like it was yesterday:

“I’ve managed to avoid saying stupid things to Dolly (Parton) in the last several of years because I just walk the other direction. I caught her microwave on fire.

You do a lot of weird stuff when you first move to Nashville. I got this gig…They were remodeling her lake house, and my job was to stay there with her niece (who) was my buddy.

We were supposed to stay there and let the wallpaper guys in and out and just do that kind of thing. I do take the blame for (the fire) because I’m the one who removed the on-fire microwave out of the house, but it was honestly her niece.

She stuck a whole box of Bagel Bites in there, like, in the box and then ‘beep,’ there it goes into a freshly wallpapered room.”

Of course, that was McBryde’s last day on the job, but Dolly did give her a nice gift of gratitude:

“So I lost my job, but Dolly gave me the microwave.”

Hey, I respect the whole taking the blame thing, but c’mon Ashley, you’re  trying to be a country music star and you’re gonna take the blame for nearly burning down a country music legend’s house?

Better person than me, no doubt.

Nevertheless, I’d say the incident hasn’t effected her career much, as she’s currently one of the most popular and promising female country stars in the game right now, racking up a few ACM and CMA awards and a couple of top 10 albums.

How about a little Dolly Parton cover from her?

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