Tyler Childers’ Iconic ‘Purgatory’ Album Turns 5-Years-Old Today

Tyler Childers country music

It’s astonishing to see a, for all intents and purposes, an independent country artist become wildly popular as Tyler Childers.

You can ask anybody from a coal miner in Eastern Kentucky, to a frat guy or sorority girl at your nearest college town, and there’s a very good chance every one of ’em can say that they’ve at least listened to Tyler Childers once.

The man sells out large venues wherever he goes, including back to back nights at the world class Red Rocks Amphitheater, not to mention he has a four Platinum singles, including a little number titled, “Feathered Indians,” which went double.

And to top it all off, a Gold album, Purgatory, which was released on this date back in 2017.

Sheesh, has it been five years already?

Many would call it the best album he’s released to date, and at any given moment, it’s still hovering around the top 10 on the iTunes Country Albums chart.

From yelling “GOT DAMN, FIRE IN THE HOLE” on “I Swear (To God),” to the iconic “Feathered Indians,” one of the most badass country songs of all time in “Whitehouse Road,” to the romantic “Lady May,” each song strikes a different emotion, and perfectly portrays the lifestyle of growing up in modern day Appalachia.

Produced by Sturgill Simpson and David R. Ferguson, the album played a huge role in Childers becoming a household name for fans of all genres of music, as Purgatory peaked at number one on the US Billboard 200, nearly cracked the top 10 at number 11 on the US Top Country Albums chart (which says a lot about the state of country music back then), number four on the US Folk Albums chart, and number three on the US Independent Albums chat.

And now? All we can do is wait for ol’ Tyler to drop a new project (whenever that may be).

“Feathered Indians”

“Whitehouse Road”

“Lady May”

“Universal Sound”

“I Swear (To God)”

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