Legendary NFL Wide Receiver Terrell Owens Harassed By A “Karen” Inside His Own Neighborhood

Terrell Owens

Ya gotta love a good ol’ Karen…

Ya know, those people who aren’t happy unless they’re pissed off about something incredibly meaningless?

We’ve seen tons of examples in the past, especially over the past couple of years when COVID first hit, and the Karens were coming out in full force about masks, whether you should wear them or not, or something stupid along those lines.

With that being said, one of the greatest NFL wide receivers of all time had himself an encounter with a Karen while driving to his mailbox in his neighborhood in Broward County, Florida…

And we’re talking about Terrell Owens.

While on the way to the mailbox, this “Karen” on a bike alongside the sidewalk, allegedly began to yell at Owens, saying he almost hit her while on her bike, and that he needs to “slow down,” he says in an Instagram video.

Sure enough, the cops came along, and ol’ Karen quickly put on her puppy dog face and began shedding tears, and began to bring race into the equation by saying:

“You’re a black man coming after a white woman.”

Wait, what?

The two bicker back and forth throughout the video, with the cops trying to cool both of them down, and it’s easy to see that T.O. was royally pissed about the whole situation.

Another witness on the scene, who wasn’t on camera, appeared to defend T.O., saying that she was in her garage when the event unfolded, and he wasn’t speeding at all.

According to TMZ, no arrests were made after the argument.

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